About the Project

EasyWay - is an online service which intends to answer such a frequently asked question: how to get from point A to point B using car or  public transport. EasyWay allows you to choose the most suitable route both in terms of time and cost.

 Maps of the cities of Ukraine with public transport routes

We are in the situation often when we don"t know how to get to the desired location by the public transport. There exists many web sites which contain the Ukraine public transport information but they do not present the actual routes of the public transport in a convenient manner. And most importantly, they don"t answer the question how to get to the desired location. That is why we came to the idea to create maps of major Ukrainian cities with the public transport routes.

EasyWay currently operates in the following cities of Ukraine. Simply click on the map, marking From and To points and then click COMPILE ROUTE to find out how to get to your destination. EasyWay will show you the map with the most suitable routes of the public transport. You can exclude any transport type from your route. Also you can set the clarifying criteria - the optimal, fastest or cheapest route.

EasyWay recommends to remember :

  • information about time of travel is relative and does not consider possible delays due to traffic jams, road repairs and other force majeure circumstances (do not forget this when planning your trip!). In addition, pay attention to the route interval (this difference is not included in total time);
  • for the best user experience we recommend to use Google Chrome;
  • It"s better to place From and To points near the roadways.

If you encounter inaccuracies of the service or notice an error on the web site, please inform developers using the MISTAKES? form

EasyWay team is constantly working to improve the quality of the service! EasyWay does not promise to make your life perfect, but it ensures greatly to facilitate the daily challenges of urban travel.